PG@SH Intern Program

We draw our interns from the drama department at local high schools and colleges. Besides working in all aspects of a Community Theatre, they also attend our board meetings, learning what is involved in operating a non-profit business. For college students, we will work to tailor our expectations to their needs.

We are actively seeking interns. Below is a video of one of our former interns, who credits her acceptance into her preferred college to her  internship with Players Guild@Sugar Hill.

We are actively seeking interns from the theatre departments at Lanier High School and North Gwinnett High School. If you are interested, please contact us using the form on out contact page. Elizabeth Egan, a board member at PG@SH, heads up the Intern Program and will get back to you.

Our interns are involved in all aspects of a production, but we also teach them what is involved in running a non-profit Community Theatre by having them sit in on board meetings as non-voting members.

They will have opportunities to assist our producers, stage managers, and directors as well as be stage hands, build crew, and actors if they are cast in a play. We love to have 1 or 2 new interns join us each year, and always hope to keep them for a few years.

While we don't pay interns, we do give small scholarships.