Harry Lambert is a successful lumber yard owner who is only a decade or so away from retirement. He lives with his hardworking wife, Edith; his twenty-something spoiled daughter, Kate; and Kate's intelligent, but child-like husband, Charlie. Everything in Harry's life seems to be going the way he wants it to go until Edith returns from the doctor one day to announce she is pregnant. Everyone's lives are thrown upside down as Edith can no longer do the things she has been doing for twenty-plus years and begins making independent decisions that Harry doesn't seem to understand. One thing leads to another and Harry has to either accept he's going to be a father again or do something drastic.

NEVER TOO LATE is a charming little comedy built around the relationships of the core group of characters.  NEVER TOO LATE is understood to be the inspiration behind the famed television show ALL IN THE FAMILY (NEVER TOO LATE was produced by Norman Lear years before he went on to create ALL IN THE FAMILY). Overall, it's a delightful little show that both the theatre-going veterans and people who rarely watch plays can enjoy.

Never Too Late

Directed by Alan Hyma

Auditions: ​February 10 - 11, 2019 ​(Sunday & Monday)

​  7:00 - 8:30 PM
   in The Eagle Theatre
For directions or information, call 770-713-7295​​

Show Dates: ​June 14 - 29, 2019

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Harry Lambert (Male Lead, Age 55-60)

Harry is the King of his castle.  He owns his own lumber yard and reigns supreme in his household (at least he is convinced of that).  Harry loves his wife Edith very much, but he can be very domineering (mostly unintentional).  He tolerates his daughter and completely loathes his "good-for-nothing" son-in-law, who works for Harry at the lumber yard.

Edith Lambert (Female Lead, Age 50-55)

Edith is Harry's hard-working housewife.  She seems to "do-it-all".  She is often taken advantage of by every member of her family, but she doesn't seem to mind.  She is VERY excited when she finds out that in her 50's she becomes pregnant.  She puts up with Harry's complaints, moans and groans...until she's finally had enough!

Kate (Female Lead, Age early - mid-20's)

Kate is the Lambert's only child.  She is a spoiled "brat" at times, and finds it extremely difficult to accept the fact that she's about to be a "big" sister.  She and her husband Charlie live in the Lambert home.  She doesn't work (at all).  Her husband is mostly clueless and she is dependent upon her mother doing most everything for her...until Kate's life suddenly changes.

Charlie (Male Lead, Age mid-late 20's)

Charlie at times can be dense!  He loves playing solitaire with his deck of cards, and he too takes advantage of the hard-working Edith, his mother-in-law.  There is no love-loss between Harry and Charlie, and they are constantly in small-scale battles of words.  Charlie is a capable worker at the lumber yard but is waiting for his big break to add some authority to his job description.

Grace Kimbrough (Female, Supporting Age mid-30's - early fifties)

Grace is Edith's best-friend and the wife of Harry's doctor.  Grace is always speaking up for Edith and is often put-off by Harry's treatment of his wife.  She is devoted to Edith.

​Dr. James Kimbrough (Male, Supporting Age mid 30's - early fifties)

James is Harry's doctor.  He is seen in Act 1 scene 1 as he visits the Lamberts and finishes Harry's physical.  This is a smaller but important role.

Mayor Crane (Male, Supporting Age late 50's - mid-60's)

Mayor Crane is a self-important politician.  He is also the Lambert's next-door neighbor.  He is a "slick" personality. Mayor Crane is that typical "always-smiling", always trying to be seen guy, who is hungry for your vote in the next election.  He has 2 memorable scenes visiting the Lambert house.  One of those visits is in his PJ's, robe and fuzzy slippers.

Policeman (Male, Minor-Supporting Age 30's - 50's)

Two visits to the Lambert home, where he takes a bit of abuse first from Harry, then from Charlie.

Mr. Foley (Male, Minor-Supporting Age 30's - 50's)

Mr. Foley is the construction foreman.  He is your typical "construction-guy" with tool-belt and grimy t-shirt  Foley is seen in Act 2, scene 1. 10-15 lines for this part.

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