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For her first job, teenage Sarah thinks she's easily qualified to check out customers at Puritan Foods, her local grocery store. At least it has to be better than serving up greasy fast food, right? But Sarah isn't prepared for Carl, the assistant manager, who refuses to deal with unruly customers because he's too busy putting up Christmas displays in August. And she isn't ready to deal with the customer who can't put down her cellphone long enough to acknowledge that Sarah is there. Or the two dudes who use their time in the checkout line to launch into an existential argument about the environment. And what about the mysterious cowboy or, even worse, Angus, the person who Carl warns Sarah about the day she's hired. Then there are her crazy co-workers who put on camouflage to hunt down stray grocery carts or live in closets and subsist on Twizzlers to avoid Carl. All Sarah wants is the answer to the simplest question in the world: Paper or plastic? High-school performers will love this zany comedy, as it is great both for public performance and as competition material.


Producer/Director - Scott Piehler
Stage Manager - Aysha Jerald
Set Design - Spencer Estes
Lighting Design - Spencer Estes
Programs - Joyce Cutchins
House Manager - Ane Mulligan


Jenny Wincek - Sarah
Alan Hyma - Carl
Lyndsey Sutter - Social Woman/Greenie #2
Chris Bateman - Kenny
Blair Sanders - Tabloid Woman
Dalton Titshaw - Cowboy/Greenie #1
Abigail Hyma - Regina
Mike Boetje - Store Announcer
Lauren Quesnal - Little Sam
Rachel Bevels - Cracked Egg Woman

On Our Stage in Our 3rd Season - 2016


October 15th, 2016

Performed in Cooperation with Dramatic Publishing