On Our Stage in Our 2nd Season - 2015

Production Photos

Producers - Elizabeth Egan, Michael Richardson

Director - Alan Hyma

Technical Advisor - Mark Joseph

Lighting Design - Mark Joseph and Sound Solutions, Inc

Sound Design - Scott Piehler, Alan Hyma

Programs - Ane Mulligan, Joyce Cutchins

House Manager - Ginger Aster

Photographer - Jenn Wettstein


October 23rd -October 30th, 2015

The "Bowl@SugarHill"

The Show

The Crew

The 1930's and the 1940's was known as the "Golden Age" of American Radio.  No other genre of programming grabbed the attention of a listening nation as did the "horror" shows.  The 1st annual PlayersGuild@SugarHill Old-time Radio Show will highlight some of the best examples of 1930's & 1940's horror.  Join WSHG in Sugar Hill, Georgia as they recreate for you a night reminiscent of a by-gone era.  Every Radio play, short story, and classic commercial was broadcast over the air, sometime within the 1930's or 1940's.  Sit back, listen, and have fun getting...SCARED TO DEATH!!!