Producers - Elizabeth Egan, Michael Richardson

Director - Alan Hyma

Technical Advisor - Mark Joseph

Lighting Design - Mark Joseph and Sound Solutions, Inc

Sound Design - Scott Piehler, Alan Hyma

Programs - Ane Mulligan, Joyce Cutchins

House Manager - Ginger Aster

Photographer - Jenn Wettstein


October 23rd -October 30th, 2015

The "Bowl@SugarHill"

The Crew

The 1930's and the 1940's was known as the "Golden Age" of American Radio.  No other genre of programming grabbed the attention of a listening nation as did the "horror" shows.  The 1st annual PlayersGuild@SugarHill Old-time Radio Show will highlight some of the best examples of 1930's & 1940's horror.  Join WSHG in Sugar Hill, Georgia as they recreate for you a night reminiscent of a by-gone era.  Every Radio play, short story, and classic commercial was broadcast over the air, sometime within the 1930's or 1940's.  Sit back, listen, and have fun getting...SCARED TO DEATH!!!

On Our Stage in Our 2nd Season - 2015

Production Photos

The Show


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