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Because of the historical nature of the Cemetery Tours, we do not take productions photos. Our desire and that of the Sugar Hill Historical Society is to present the history of our Sweet City through its past residents. We hope you come see the tours, presented on the day of Sugar Rush. See the City of Sugar Hill Events calendar.

Sugar Hill Cemetery in Our 3rd Season - 2016


October 29th, 2016


The 1st Annual Sugar Hill Cemetery Ghost Tour is a collaboration between The City of Sugar Hill, The Sugar Hill Historical Preservation Society and PlayersGuild@SugarHill.  Modeled after the most famous ghost tours of Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, the Sugar Hill Cemetery Ghost Tour takes you through a chilling walk-through of Sugar Hill's historic site.  While the evening is certainly "spooky", the tour respectfully highlights the history and the stories of some of the Cemetery's most famous and historical residents.


Co-Producers - City of Sugar Hill, Sugar Hill Historical Preservation Society, PlayersGuild@SugarHill
Director - Ane Mulligan
Programs - Joyce Cutchins
Technical Support - Terry Mulligan, Brandon Hembree

Brandon Hembree - Tour Guide 
Chris Walker - Tour Guide
Randy Hogan - Enoch Benson
Jeremy Reid - Butell E. Robinson
Chris Bateman - William "Rocky" Venable
Lyndsey Sutter - Wm. Hill Hosch's Wife
Steven Embry - Thomas Kile Jr.
Aly Lopez - Melvina Orr Crow
Keelie Hogan - Blanche Youngblood